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04 February 2006 @ 05:13 pm
the end of the trail  
here is the epilogue of the village fic. look out for my eternal sunshine fic coming soon!

Lance wandered through the woods, trying to get his bearings. He felt that he was on the right track as he used his guiding stick to help him. He took his next few steps with a confidence that he would succeed and return to his lover’s arms when the ground beneath him caved with a moist thunk. Lance was able to grab onto a root as he let out a shrill cry of surprise. He was able to find the strength to pull himself up onto the solid ground.

When he was able to collect himself, he grabbed his guiding stick and carefully observed and made notice of this cautionary area. His walk was halted by a large, hollow object. He dropped his stick and felt for it. Pointed edges of an upturned tree were what he found.

He felt something wet cover him and ran his hands over the element. Mud. Suddenly, something his father said to him days ago flashed before him. The elders based their cautions off of a myth that creatures did roam these woods.

Lance made cries of urgency as he struggled to wipe the mud off of his cloak. All he had was the safe color now.

As Lance journeyed further into the woods, he heard a dried crack. He picked up his pointing stick and felt for the middle of it where a fracture lay. He angrily snapped it in half and was about to search for another stick when he heard another snap nearby.

Fear made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He turned around in the direction that the noise originated from and saw a flash of red in his mind. He thought he could hear the distinct sounds of low growling, but he shuddered as he walked slowly in the opposite direction of the apparition.

“It’s not real. It’s not real.” He muttered to himself as he sought shelter behind a large tree. He willed his breathing to steady until he heard the growling close by. He let out a scream as he ran. He ran until he had no breath and stopped when he felt he was far enough away, but he still heard the growls, so he ran further until his legs and lungs burned with exertion.

He ran until the same hollow object stopped him. He felt for the pointed edges and had a vision. He pulled his hood up and stood with his back to the monster. When he felt the menacing growls and footsteps rush to him, he moved to the side and felt relief rush through him as he heard the creature fall into the pit Lance had crawled out of. He was certain that his tormentor had met his doom from the fall and continued with a new found bravery.


“Justin?” Lynn dropped the plate of food she had brought for her son fall to the ground with a shatter as she brought her hands to her face in shock. “Oh, no!” she cried out mournfully. The sight before them was the floorboards of the quiet room upturned in rage and a secret they had tried to keep revealed. “He found the costume we kept under the floorboards!” “And the animals! Oh, God!”


Lance made his journey further until he felt the cold settle around him. Night was falling soon and he would have to set up camp. His journey proved to be much more a challenge without a guide. Just when he was about to end for the day, his new stick fell upon rocks. The path! He smiled and made a yell of triumph as he took off his cloak and lay down his pack. He grabbed the items he needed and made his way down the path.

He ran with a sense of great joy and hope. He was almost there. His mission was almost accomplished. Soon he would be home with the man he loved. He would also be a hero. He killed one of the creatures and found his way to the towns and back blind. His optimism caught him off guard when he slammed into a wall.

He whimpered. “What?” He dropped his stick and felt for an opening in the wall, but then desperation overcame him. He grabbed at the wall and scaled it. When he reached the top, he tried to climb over safely, but he lost his footing and fell hard to the ground. His head landed before anything and the force of the fall combined with his fatigue made his body shut down. Lance had failed.


“Hey? Are you alright? Sir? Sir?” Lance was suddenly aware of his consciousness and the pain that overtook him. He could hear an odd noise in the background, much like the growling of the creature he had killed earlier, but a shrill noise followed. He was also very aware of another thing. Joshua was still waiting for him. With great will power, he forced himself up. “There is kindness in your voice, ma’am. I did not expect that. What was that noise?”

There was a moment of silence. “You took quite a fall. Are you lost? You shouldn’t be loitering around here, let alone climbing the wall. What, did your friends dare you to do it?” Lance shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out the list and the watch his father gave him, holding it out blindly. “Do you know where I can get medicines?” “Um, you, uh, should return to your vehicle. Oh wait, you’re um, do you have a seeing-eye dog? ” “Please, ma’am, we must make haste.”

He felt hands touch his briefly before taking the list and watch. “Please take the watch as payment.” He heard the rustling of paper and a sharp intake of breath. “Is someone hurt?” Lance felt tears burn his eyes. “We must make haste.” There was silence. “Did you come from in there?” Lance sniffled. “I am from the woods.” “What is your name?” Lance paused. He knew he shouldn’t, but he was desperate. “James Lansten Bass.”


Julia parked her jeep as she made her way inside the James Bass Nature Conservatory command center. She went to the medical supplies fridge before a voice stopped her. “What happened with the kid?” Julia gulped. “Just some kids. They were lost.” She went into the fridge and retrieved the supplies she needed. Before she left, her advisor spoke.

“Make sure people never stick around. They start to get curious, ask questions. I had enough crap from the government when they were taking the measures to divert aircraft flight over this area. We don’t need anymore attention.” Julia nodded. “Hey, um, where’s the 10 footer? I think one of the surveillance cameras are down.” “Out in the back.” Julia nodded once again and made her way out.


The elders stood in the room in which Joshua was kept. They all sat around the young man who was fading fast. They soon heard a commotion outside and one of the younger villagers came into the room. “Lance is back. He has medicines, and he slain one of the creatures!” As the villager left, Lynn let out a cry of anguish.

“We shall find and give Justin a proper burial. We will say that he was killed by the creatures. He has given us a great gift; he has made this place believable again. We can keep this way of life, if that is what we wish.” Jim said.

Soon, Karen stood in agreement, then Christopher, then Eleanor, then reluctantly Justin’s parents. As they stood, Lance entered the room, filthy and obviously tired. Christopher took the medicine from Lance’s hand and went to work and Eleanor led Lance to Joshua.

Lance grabbed one of Joshua’s hands and placed his dirty hand on his lovers curved cheek, tears streaming out of his eyes even though a smile lit his features. “Hello, Joshua, I’m back.”

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